Meet The Horses!

We are proud of our happy family of horses. They each have very indivitual characters, with beautiful temperments; honest, gentle, willing and very capable!

Our horses are all loved and well cared for.


Ghandi - Guide Conny's Horse

Ghandi is Conny's personal horse, whom excels at long distance endurance ride. He's a very gentle soul, like his namesake suggests, and can run as fast as the wind. Conny and Ghandi have a beautiful partnership.

La Douce
La Douce is our school-master horse! Amazing with both beginner and more experienced riders, we love taking her out. She's easy to ride, and has soft gentle gait. We have yet to have a customer who hasn't loved her.

Patchy is a superstar, and we think the best pony ever - you really have to meet him! He has taught many, many children how to ride and loves to be taken out on the trails with the other big horses.


Honey is our latest addition to the horse family, and is the only quarter horse. She has a character as sweet as her name, always willing to please.

Shaula - Guide Benny's Pony

Shaula is a very confident, intelligent, and capable, who gets on with everyone - horses and humans alike. Her stunning white coat reminds everyone of unicorns, but don't be fooled - she enjoys playing tricks with everyone... Even Benny!


Sutra is one of our most gorgeous horses, with beautiful conformation, as well as our strongest horse. She is actually Ghandi's half-sister, with a quarter draft horse in her. She has a laid-back temperament, and is a lovely horse to take out on the trails.

Sutra as a foal


Coco is our smallest pony, with a lot of character and personality. Incredibly capable, she can keep up to the other ponies with ease! Patchy and Coco are the best paddock mates, and you can always find them together.


Chester is our biggest horse, but he has an even bigger heart. He's gentle, careful and an amazing beginner's horse. He truly deserves the name "The Gentle Giant."

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